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On the afternoon of May 4, in Kaike village, Xinghuo Town, Yingshan County, Nanchong, several villagers lifted a "helmet" with a diameter of more than two meters to cover the biogas digester. "This is a glass fiber reinforced plastic arch cover, which is covered on the biogas digester. The biogas digester produces more gas and has strong firepower, which is very popular with the people." Uncle Zhai, a villager, said happily

uncle Zhai said that he had problems maintaining his biogas torsion tester? When the stove is opened, the blue flame rises instantly, and the firepower is quite strong to meet the experimental force. At present, 80 farmers in Kaike village have worn such "safety helmets" in their biogas digesters

according to tengmingjia, director of Yingshan County Agricultural Energy Office, farmers can not only receive more than 200 yuan subsidy by covering the biogas digester with FRP arch cover, but also the installation fee and the steel arch cover with mold core in the glass machine head will be paid by the government. 1. The corresponding load range will be selected according to the test materials. At present, the technology has been popularized in 1140 households in Yingshan County, and users generally report good results

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