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The wireless city Putian plays the song of peace and harmony

innovating social management, deeply promoting the construction of "safe Putian" and maintaining social harmony and stability are an important step for the Putian municipal Party committee and government to speed up the construction of a livable port city. Focusing on this requirement, China Mobile Fujian Putian branch cooperated with relevant units to actively expand in the fields of government informatization and social informatization, implemented a series of mobile informatization solutions, and played a symphony of "harmonious Putian"

small "" connected to the big "people's livelihood"

"on the sidewalk of Huagang company section of Licheng Avenue, a street lamp may have been hit by a car, and it's askew!" A few days ago, after receiving the above response from the public, Putian people's livelihood service desk 12319 immediately informed the municipal street lamp management office to repair the inclined street lamp, eliminating the potential safety hazards. Citizens who are familiar with the people's livelihood service desk 12319 know that now, no matter the street lights are not on, the water pipes are broken, the sewage overflows, or the style and efficiency of the administrative departments and the public service industry, they can call to reflect and solve the problems

the cumulative scrap of lithium batteries for vehicles in China will reach 200000 tons. "Hello, what do you want to reflect?" A few days ago, I walked into the duty room of the Municipal People's livelihood service supervision station and heard several female operators answering the calls of the masses warmly and patiently. The monitor on duty said that at present, the people's livelihood service supervision desk adopts the method of three shifts on duty to accept complaints 24 hours a day. With the support of the computer and the network system, the opinions of all incoming calls are recorded in real time, recorded in detail, and transferred in real time, so as to realize zero distance communication, interaction, and service

it was learned that on May 19, 2010, Putian mobile, together with the municipal rectification office, the municipal efficiency office, the municipal housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau and other units, integrated the 12319 call system, the first phase of the digital urban management system, and explored and established a service model integrating discipline inspection and supervision, mass supervision, media supervision and municipal services. Mr. Wang Ming is a deputy general manager and senior engineer to expand the service scope and content of the 12319 service center

in order to promote the people's livelihood service supervision desk to serve the people better and more conveniently, Putian mobile also developed the people's livelihood service supervision desk business system for the people's livelihood service supervision desk free of charge. Citizens can directly click on the address or visit the login system platform. While the system realizes complaint supervision, complaint performance evaluation and complaint prediction research and judgment, the media can log in by account number and password, track and understand the handling situation and the hot spots concerned by the public at the first time, and promote problem solving and rectification

"the people's livelihood service supervision desk provides citizens with complaints, suggestions, help seeking and coordination services in terms of people's livelihood and development, which has won praise from all walks of life, and the recognition and satisfaction of the masses to the society have been continuously improved." The relevant person in charge of the municipal rectification office said so

intelligent campus brings infinite peace of mind

"in the past, wallets were all cards, access cards, meal cards, library cards, bank cards... Now I have a mobile 'campus-1' which must be inspected regularly (about 310 working days of normal use) "Cartoon", whether you swipe your card at the entrance guard of the school apartment, or consume in the canteen, supermarket, leisure bar and boiled water room inside and outside the school, you can use it to solve it. You can even borrow books in the library and use the computer in the computer room with your card. " Said Xiao Ye, a sophomore in the Art Department of Putian University

Putian mobile company launched the "campus all in one card" business to realize "one card in hand, go all over the campus". Up to now, a total of 14000 teachers and students in Putian University have used the "campus one card" to enjoy various conveniences brought by informatization. Putian mobile also plans to integrate the "all-in-one card" into the card (SIM card), so that one can have a number of service functions other than communication, which will not only facilitate students' use, but also reduce the unit management cost and improve the management efficiency, security level and information management level

not only on university campuses, but now the "campus one card" business is also popular in primary and secondary schools. Putian No. 5 middle school is one of them. According to statistics, more than 3800 students in the school are using the "campus one card"

the relevant person in charge of the customer department of Putian mobile group told that the mobile "campus one card" connects and unifies the documents, attendance, canteen food sales, small consumption, access control, energy-saving management and other unrelated systems of a large number of people in the school, so that the school can devote more efforts to staff teaching and students' learning

in the interview with Putian No. 5 middle school, we learned that in addition to providing the school with an integrated smart campus solution through "campus one card", Putian mobile also built a digital campus security monitoring system, multimedia video conference system, electronic information display system, etc., which realized the application of digital monitoring, digital patrol and infrared alarm functions, and helped the school build an intelligent public security prevention and control network

Putian mobile promotes joint efforts to build a harmonious Putian

"be an excellent corporate citizen and promote the construction of a harmonious society". Over the past few years, Putian Mobile has carried out the development and construction of many functions and applications around the three functional areas of wireless city, namely "wireless government affairs, wireless industry and wireless life". Many functions and applications have penetrated into all aspects of people's production and life, greatly improving the application level of social informatization in the city

it was revealed that in order to promote the construction of "harmonious Putian", Putian mobile actively cooperated with the municipal rectification office and the municipal efficiency office, opened the 12319 people's livelihood service supervision desk, and will later be upgraded to the 12345 convenient call center platform, namely the mayor; Cooperate with the municipal Party committee office to build an emergency command system and provide a variety of emergency information feedback channels; Promote the "mobile public event information platform" to assist government departments in collecting and publishing social public safety information such as meteorology, geology, fire, public security, etc; Cooperate with the municipal financial department to build a special fund supervision system to realize all-round and whole process dynamic supervision of special fund revenue and expenditure activities. In addition, there are a series of applications such as the entertainment monitoring platform of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the municipal fire remote monitoring platform, and the municipal vehicle management system

in the next few years, Putian mobile will also provide TD home video monitoring, television, wireless customs and other information technology products, build "TD wireless home experience center and demonstration intensity will significantly reduce the community", and provide citizens with 3G, wireless digital home, e-government public services in the home one-stop experience and Application demonstration. Strait Metropolis Daily

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