Pursue the peak of electronic manufacturing automa

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Pursue the peak of electronic manufacturing automation

electronic and semiconductor technology has begun to play an increasingly important role since mankind entered the third industrial revolution. In recent years, with the resurgence of high-end technologies such as intelligence and human-computer interaction represented by apple, electronic manufacturing technology and equipment have an increasingly far-reaching impact on social development, scientific and technological progress and human life

Ge Qian, business director of Zhongda Diantong electromechanical business department in South China

key improvement

as for the entire electronic production industry chain, China is currently developing rapidly in the middle and downstream industries such as packaging and application, with high industrial concentration (such as Shenzhen, Dongguan and its surrounding areas in South China), while there is still a gap with the international level in the upstream of more critical industries such as chips and wafers

therefore, in addition to import substitution and local industrialized application in machining centers, numerical control systems, welding equipment, etc., China also relies on import to a large extent on semiconductor devices, integrated circuit special equipment, and electronic whole machine assembly equipment in upstream industries. From silk screen printing machines, chip mounters, wave soldering/reflow soldering, ict/ate, to x-ray/aoi, it has always been the weakness of local electronic manufacturers, These key equipment urgently need to be transformed and upgraded with advanced automation technology, said Ge Qian, business director of South China region of Zhongda Diantong electromechanical business department

as a new and comprehensive advanced manufacturing technology, the electronic manufacturing process covers many disciplines such as semiconductor physics, heat, automatic control and mechanical design, and involves many cutting-edge technologies such as temperature control technology, heating technology, strength test transmission technology such as precision tightening, true space technology and computer control technology, which are connected with the fatigue loading experiment control module, This puts forward extremely high requirements for the technology integration ability of electronic equipment manufacturers. At the same time, due to the complex production process and different process requirements of different electronic enterprises, electronic equipment suppliers must deeply understand and be familiar with the production process of the equipment to meet the requirements of tourists for special equipment. Automatic control and advanced drive technology undoubtedly have natural advantages

pursuing the peak

production efficiency and quality are the theme demands in the process of electronic manufacturing. Miniaturization and intellectualization, high speed and high precision pursue the parts with dimensional tolerance requirements, which brings opportunities and challenges to automation and drive technology. PLC, frequency converter, human-machine interface HMI, motion control products, etc. are widely used. As a well-known brand of national automation, Delta has made outstanding achievements in industry products and customized solutions, industry expansion and project experience, as well as internal channel management

at the technical level, high-speed motion control network and special function built-in are important development trends of electronic equipment automation technology. According to the introduction, through Delta's unique DMC net motion control bus, it can provide a high-function, multi axis scalable control mode, reduce wiring, and achieve a strong and flexible networking ability. It is better used in electronic parts such as printing machines, discharge motors and so on. Delta asda-a2 servo system is a typical representative of special function development. Ge Qian said: the realization of full closed-loop control, the first built-in electronic cam function and the highly flexible internal position programming mode will help electronic equipment manufacturers further improve their key competitiveness. These functions not only reduce the volume of equipment and manufacturers' mechanical investment, but also greatly improve ease of use and accuracy

the ability to provide system solutions is an aspect that electronic equipment manufacturers pay more and more attention to. Delta currently provides a variety of motion control PLC, vector control frequency converter, AC servo system, HMI, high-speed motion control card, and even ball screw and linear guide rail and other transmission products. Of course, more importantly, these electromechanical integration and automation products are based on the unique ②. Press the sample clamping key, and the upper collet of the instrument starts to run upward to move the clamping length. When the upper collet reaches the set clamping length, the electromechanical stops running. The bus system and open network architecture design have become a proven and overall system solution

as early as 1996, delta began to enter the electronic equipment industry. At that time, electronic equipment in South China was initially concentrated on wave soldering, reflow soldering and transmission lines. Ge Qian recalled that by the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century, Delta's frequency converters had been widely used in electronic equipment transmission lines, and Delta's F series and a series had become the mainstream. In terms of transmission lines, delta inverter speed regulation has been recognized. Later, delta successively launched high-performance PLC, distinctive servo, high-speed bus motion control card and CNC system, which has a wider range of applications in electronic equipment

with the rapid development of the electronic industry in Dongguan, South China, from the original simple electronic component packaging and circuit board manufacturing process to the current processing center and LED equipment, to the relevant detection, fitting and processing of intelligent and tablet computers, delta increasingly provides customers with a complete set of solutions

for suppliers like delta, providing an overall solution requires higher requirements from the original channel providers. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide different support and training for the capabilities of different channel providers. We assess the technical level of channel providers every year, hold 3-5 closed-end technical training, and issue technical certificates to channel providers. All channel providers, including technicians, interact and communicate through a network communication platform. In addition, through this platform, we can divide and cooperate with customers' services, and provide customers with national joint insurance

in fact, the competition in China's electronic industry is also fierce. Any successful enterprise in the industry must not only reduce costs, but also pursue speed, accuracy and reliability. With the market competition, the increase of labor cost and the transformation of manufacturing industry, the low-end market of electronic equipment is either eliminated or transformed into the medium and high-end market. As GE Qian concluded, 10 years ago, delta was mainly low-end, but now it is providing customers with medium and high-end technology. Our goal is to become the most mainstream brand in the electronic equipment industry and provide customers with the most suitable, best service and strongest technical support products

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