The hottest oil price soared by 19pppeboppbopet

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The oil price soared by 19%, and the prices of PP, PE, BOPP and BOPET rose across the board

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core tip: on Saturday, there was a sudden force majeure in the crude oil market, and two Saudi Aramco facilities were attacked by drones. On Monday, the crude oil market rose, especially for 19% of bridge cable steel below 10mm. The commodity market immediately kicked off the price rise. The price of polypropylene powder increased significantly; The market price of PE increased by yuan/ton; The quotation of BOPP increased significantly, with an increase of yuan/ton, and the market quotation of BOPET increased by yuan/ton

on September 14, two facilities of Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian national oil company, were attacked by drones. The attack led to a daily reduction of 5.7 million barrels of crude oil supply in Saudi Arabia, accounting for about 50% of Saudi Arabia's daily oil production and 5% of the daily crude oil supply in the international market. Brent crude oil surged nearly 19% on the 16th, the largest intraday increase in 28 years since 1991

crude oil is generally tested, plastic needs to be tested, and the price of plastic flexible packaging film raw materials has risen sharply ↓↓

on September 16, the price of polypropylene powder increased significantly. The mainstream transaction in Shandong was yuan/ton, the international crude oil price jumped, boosting market confidence, and the powder price increased significantly. The price in Northeast China has increased, with the mainstream of yuan/ton. After the festival, downstream factories replenish goods appropriately, and manufacturers' shipments are acceptable. The price focus in Hebei moved upward, mostly in yuan/ton, and the inventory of powder manufacturers was pressureless, mainly based on the market. Prices in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have increased significantly, mostly in yuan/ton, with some low prices and a small amount of goods being released and then closed. The polypropylene futures market has been consolidated at a high level, and the mentality of the industry has improved. The offer of Maoming Shihua in South China was increased by 150 yuan/ton to yuan/ton. The downstream factories purchased on demand, and the delivery and investment were acceptable

prediction: Polypropylene futures consolidation at a high level, coupled with the jump in international crude oil prices, the mentality of the industry is very good, and the powder price has increased significantly. After the holiday, the downstream factories replenished an appropriate amount, and the overall transaction atmosphere in the market improved. The price of propylene monomer is rising, and the pressure on the cost of powder is not large temporarily, but the increase in the price of pellets is small, and the price difference of powder pellets is reduced, which has a certain adverse impact on the sales of powder. Zhuochuang believes that there is no long-term positive support, and it is expected that the price of powder may be stabilized on September 17

on September 16, the PE market price rose, with a linear rise of yuan/ton in North China, yuan/ton in high pressure, 100 yuan/ton in hollow, injection molding and membrane materials in low pressure, and yuan/ton in individual wire drawing; In East China, the linear increase is 200 yuan/ton, the high-pressure increase is 300 yuan/ton, and the low-pressure individual wire drawing increase is 200 yuan/ton; The linear and high-pressure parts in South China increased by yuan/ton, and the low-pressure parts of wire drawing, injection molding, film materials and pipes increased by yuan/ton. Linear futures opened higher, and some petrochemicals gradually raised their factory prices. The market was supported by favorable conditions, and merchants actively followed the rising offer. The downstream purchase is mainly on demand, and the firm offer transaction is acceptable. The mainstream price of LLDPE in China is yuan/ton

forecast: affected by the sharp rise in crude oil, the linear futures rose violently at the beginning of the week, and the market trading was more active. In addition, petrochemical enterprises raised the ex factory price, the market was supported, and businesses followed the high report. Recently, the downstream demand is relatively stable, and the operators are mostly bullish. Some factories actively purchase, and the firm offer transaction has improved. After the holiday, although the petrochemical inventory has increased, it is still at a medium level, and the supply pressure is not large. In addition, the early Sino US trade tension has eased. The rise of crude oil brings some positive expectations, which may give the market some support. Zhuochuang predicts that the domestic PE market may continue to rise on September 17, with the mainstream price of LLDPE at yuan/ton


after the holiday, the initial domestic BOPP quotation increased significantly, and the firm offer transaction is still negotiable. Thick light film East China mainstream yuan/ton, an increase of 200 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, a month on month increase of 100 yuan/ton, and a year-on-year decrease of 850 yuan/ton; North China yuan/ton; South China yuan/ton. The retail market price was adjusted individually. The thick light film did not include value-added tax, Yiwu yuan/ton, Chaoshan 9800 yuan/ton, Hebei yuan/ton, and Henan increased by 19800 yuan/ton; Including tax, Tongcheng increased by 210900 yuan/ton and Qingdao by 10800 yuan/ton. Most users in BOPP market are on the sidelines and are quite cautious in the face of price rise. In terms of transaction, North China yuan/ton, East China yuan/ton, South China yuan/ton. On September 16, new orders were traded sporadically, while actual orders focused on the low end

forecast: during the holiday, the international oil price showed a downward trend. However, the crude oil market suddenly had force majeure on Saturday, and the crude oil rose 19% in the opening day on Monday, marking the prelude to the price rise in the bulk commodity market on September 16. PP futures open higher and go higher, petrochemical factory tends to rise, spot prices rise, and cost support becomes stronger; Users in the BOPP market are generally enthusiastic about receiving orders, mostly on the sidelines, and the transaction of new orders in the firm offer is still low-end; The weekend guild is held to control processing fees and reduce the loss pattern of enterprises; As the National Day holiday approaches, some enterprises decide to stop work for maintenance during the National Day holiday. Zhuochuang predicts that domestic BOPP can briefly maintain a high level this week, boosted by the sharp rise in crude oil. The real offer transaction focuses on negotiation, and the later market focus will still return to the market fundamentals. The real offer purchase suggestions are cautious, and the mainstream quotation of thick light film in East China may be in yuan/ton


on September 16, the domestic BOPET market rose by yuan/ton, 12% in East China μ Direct melt common film vehicle offer reference yuan/ton, 100 tons intention negotiation 1 imported ore spot market price stabilized; The domestic ore market is mainly stable; The billet market rose partially; The overall coke market showed a downward pattern; The shipping market as a whole declined by yuan/ton, the low price disappeared, and the general thick low yuan/ton; North China 6 μ The offer of ordinary membrane is 16000 yuan/ton, and the intention to talk about 15500 - the speed limit of 1~500mm/min is enough 16000 yuan/ton; Release base material finishing, offer at yuan/ton, a single talk

prediction: oil prices soared in the intraday due to the attack on Saudi oil fields, driving the chemical industry sector up. Polyester raw material PTA rose in the intraday, glycol rose by the limit, the focus of chip transactions moved up, and the cost of BOPET market support increased. Affected by this, the enthusiasm for taking goods has increased in the downstream. The orders of the membrane factory are increasing, and the offer has been raised. The overall trading atmosphere in the membrane market has improved. Zhuochuang predicts that after the recent BOPET market rise, East China 12 μ The reference value of direct melting ordinary film is yuan/ton

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