The hottest oil price supports Shanghai Jiaotong,

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The oil price supports the medium-term opportunity of Shanghai Jiaotong Oil Co., Ltd.

the recent crude oil price is restricted by two aspects: the expectation of economic recovery and the hype after unexpected events. Affected by this, crude oil is currently fluctuating at $75

the crude oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has little impact on the crude oil price, but it is a bigger problem for the future crude oil exploitation and the future international oil production, so it is a bigger problem to connect the strain gauge into the measurement circuit. In the early stage, due to the public pressure of the Gulf of Mexico incident, the U.S. government announced that it had stopped all offshore oil exploration projects. There is no new announcement on when to resume mining. If offshore exploitation is not resumed for a long time, it will not have a great impact on supply in the short term, but from the perspective of trend, the impact of accidents such as crude oil leakage on supply and even price will be gradually reflected. This is also as expected by most investment banks in the United States, such as Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. As for electric measurement, it has far exceeded the limit of 0.5 level. Affected by this, the lower end products of crude oil will raise prices in an all-round way, and bring a large number of speculative funds

affected by the fall in crude oil prices, most chemicals were weak consolidation last week. There are three varieties worthy of attention. The company said it was new so that we can choose the right product factory according to your actual situation "It is the first step to reach the goal of zero landfill: rubber, PTA and plastics. It is expected that the most powerful variety in the next two weeks will be rubber. Shanghai Rubber rose strongly yesterday, and the 1101 contract closed up 465 yuan to 22190 yuan. Previously, Shanghai Rubber stood at 22000 yuan three times, basically staying above this position for days, and the momentum and confidence of bulls to rush higher are seriously insufficient.

but considering the fundamentals of rubber itself, the atmosphere of supply and demand is too much. Southeast Asia Although the rainfall in the production area has little impact on the supply, it has a great impact on the circulation links, resulting in the current upside down phenomenon. In addition, in terms of demand, although the demand in Europe and the United States is not smooth, emerging economies are catching up. The demand for automobiles/tires in Vietnam, India and other countries showed geometric growth. Although the weather in the production area will gradually improve, it is expected that the economic recovery in Europe and the United States is just around the corner. Therefore, it is expected that the rubber price will fluctuate within the yuan range, waiting for the opportunity of breakthrough. After two months of continuous consolidation, Shanghai Jiaotong will face directional choices, and it is expected that the medium-term trend is more likely to be upward

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