The hottest oil price welcomes the last adjustment

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Oil prices welcome the last adjustment in 2018 or end with "five consecutive falls"

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at 24:00 on December 28, the refined oil price adjustment window will open again. According to the monitoring data of many institutions, the oil price may continue to decline, and the range has expanded compared with the last time

this is the last price adjustment this year. If it is reduced, the oil price adjustment in 2018 will end with "five consecutive falls"

according to the calculation of Longzhong information, the corresponding reduction rate of refined oil this time is about 380/ton, and the reduction rate calculated by zhuochuang information is about 350/ton

previously, oil prices have been reduced for four consecutive times, including unfair economic structure, improper investment and consumption ratio, and unclear industrial policy. According to the cumulative data of four reductions, gasoline has been reduced by 1550/ton and diesel by 1495/ton. The latest price adjustment was on December 14, when gasoline prices fell 125 per ton and diesel prices fell 120 per ton

since entering this round of pricing cycle, the international crude oil price has plummeted, driving the crude oil change rate to continue to deepen in a negative direction

as of the close on December 24, the price of light crude oil futures for February 2019 delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 6.71% to close at $42.53 a barrel. This is the first time since June 2017 that the price of crude oil futures in New York has fallen below $43. In addition, the price of London Brent crude oil futures for delivery in February 2019 fell by 6.22% to close at $50.47 a barrel

trend of international crude oil futures in 2018. Source: zhuochuang information

"international oil prices believe that engineers operating such machines will be very interested in such data. 1 the sharp decline is mainly affected by factors such as the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike, the replacement and decline of U.S. stocks, the downturn in global economic growth forecasts, and the oversupply of the global oil market." Jiatingting, product oil analyst of zhuochuang information, said that there are many configurations of hydraulic universal testing machines on the market

in addition to the above factors, Li Yan, an analyst at Longzhong information, believes that before OPEC implements the production reduction next year, traders still doubt the actual effect of the production reduction, which also depresses the international oil price to a certain extent

after the previous "four consecutive falls", all the gains in this year have been reversed. At present, diesel oil in most parts of the country has fallen below 6.6/liter, and the retail price limit of No. 92 gasoline is 6 9/liter

Longzhong information data shows that after the current round of retail price reduction, the equivalent increase or decrease in price may be 0 32, the range is relatively considerable, and the travel cost of self drive travel will be reduced during the Dan period

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