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China's oil pricing power is facing new opportunities

for a long time, the exchange rate factor has dominated the fate of the domestic energy industry, especially the oil trade. The operation of the RMB pilot of cross-border trade has seen a dawn for China's oil industry. With the progress of RMB settlement of foreign trade, China's monetary and financial system and trade import and export market will continue to improve, and the oil trade market system will also usher in breakthrough changes, that is, the oil market system, security system and monetary and financial system will be established, and China's voice in oil prices will be enhanced

the first RMB settlement of cross-border trade was launched on July 6

the first RMB settlement of cross-border trade was launched on July 6, which means that the status of RMB in international trade has been upgraded from the pricing currency to the settlement currency, and China's cross-border trade RMB settlement business has officially entered the substantive operation stage

in the context of the financial crisis, the stability of currency value is a strong guarantee for the cross-border settlement of RMB to take a substantive step. With China's powerful huge economic stimulus plan, China is the only country in the world that provides more comprehensive, timely and effective information services for platform production enterprises, trading enterprises and terminal enterprises. It is expected to achieve 8% economic growth this year, which will make a significant contribution to the recovery of the world economy and become an important force to change the international monetary system

the sharp sword comes out of the scabbard -- the bright sword of RMB cross-border settlement

under the ravages of the financial tsunami, the world monetary system led by the United States has been seriously impacted. Emerging economies and international organizations have put forward strong requirements for the establishment of a "non US dollar" and "diversified" international monetary system, and the world monetary system is facing a reshuffle. China will size up the situation and seize the opportunity to start the operation of RMB cross-border settlement at the most appropriate time

"for domestic enterprises, the settlement of cross-border trade in RMB is of great significance, giving enterprises an alternative currency with stable currency value." Yang Min, senior manager of the International Department of the Bank of communications, said. Domestic and foreign trade enterprises that have been settled in foreign currencies such as US dollars have experienced the great risks brought by exchange rate fluctuations. The launch of CGN Juner intelligent factory after the completion of cross-border RMB settlement will undoubtedly bring good news to these foreign trade enterprises who are wandering in the risk of new material product innovation in the future, so that they have enough initiative to lock in income or expenditure. At the same time, for overseas enterprises, based on the stability of the RMB value, RMB settlement is also beneficial and harmless, and the acceptance range of RMB settlement is expanding. According to the analysis of insiders, as the world's third largest trading country, China's total trade volume this year is expected to reach $2.6 trillion, which creates conditions for the RMB to become a settlement tool. In addition, China's foreign exchange reserves are nearly $2trillion, which also provides confidence support for other countries to use RMB as a reserve currency

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