The hottest oil price will reach $100 this winter

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Oil prices will reach $100 this winter

we can also learn from the experience of developed countries

oil prices will reach $100 this winter

July 11, 2005

Texas warned that oil prices could soar to $100 within six months, plunging the world into an unprecedented fuel crisis

after crude oil broke through $60 a barrel last week, nervous investors hoped that the growth of U.S. oil inventories would stabilize oil prices in the coming months. But Simmons believes that soaring demand will keep oil prices floating far above $50. Therefore, he said, "the oil price may rise to $100 this winter. We are facing the biggest risk of supply exceeding demand in history. We are now facing the biggest crisis in history."

OPEC oil producing countries held emergency talks last week, considering increasing production for the second time in two weeks and increasing the daily quota by 500000 barrels; However, after the price fell below $60, many users only considered the price of the pressure testing machine when purchasing the pressure testing machine last Thursday, often neglecting that its quality and price are often linked (June 30). The oil crisis, which is forced by the highly customizable design of Meitong, does not occupy an important position on the agenda of this week's G8 meeting. However, it is expected that the participating leaders will repeat the call of their finance ministers to require OPEC and other oil producing countries to improve transparency on the issue of oil reserves

Economist Intelligence Agency predicts that oil prices will peak at the end of this year

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