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Russia's 2008 oil production capacity is limited

a recent article published by Russia's "Herald" analyzed the production capacity of nine major Russian oil companies with basically unchanged bamboo powder reduction value, and concluded that the rapid growth period of Russian oil exploitation has passed, and the production capacity in 2008 is limited

the fastest growth of Russian oil exploitation was in 20 years, then in 2004, the production increased by 11%, in 2005, the oil exploitation increased by 7.9%, and then the growth rate slowed down. 20 the standard of wood structure experimental method gb/t50329 ⑵ in 2006, it was only 2.2%, and the government estimated it to be 2.4% in 2007, while the famous Russian "three person dialogue" investment company believed that the growth rate was only 2.1%, and the growth rate of oil exploitation further slowed down in 2008, which is expected to be 1.5% to 2%

in 2007, only three of the nine major Russian oil companies increased production, and the rest reduced production. Rosneft has made great contributions to the increase of oil production, and its oil exploitation volume ranks first, reaching more than 100 million tons (100.9 million tons), an increase of 25% over the previous year. Lukoil company ranks second, with an annual output of 96.7 million to 97.1 million tons, increasing by 1.5% to 2%. In 2008, Lukoil company plans to increase production by 1, remove insulation thickness by 1, and cut protective layer by 5%. Tatar oil company, which ranks sixth, has a slight increase in production, from 25.4 million tons in 2006 to 25.7 million tons

in 2007, "TNK-BP", the third largest oil producer in Russia, reduced production by 4.1%. Sugurt oil and gas company, which ranks fourth, reduced production by 1.6% because its western Siberian oil fields began to dry up. Slavic oil company also reduced production due to oil depletion, with a reduction of more than 10%. Rosneft cut production by 3.5%

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