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The independent PTFE brand has hit the high-end market

Shandong Dongyue Group, which entered the field of PTFE polymer materials years ago, now shows its unique advantages in three aspects: scale, technology and product adaptability, and has taken a solid step towards the first brand enterprise of PTFE polymer materials in the world. By the end of 2010, the total domestic PTFE production capacity was 62300 tons, with a total output of 44651 tons/year, of which Dongyue's production capacity accounted for 40% of the domestic industry, and the output accounted for 41%. Its device and production scale have also been in the leading position in the world

ptfe polymer material is the leading product in the fluorosilicone high-tech industrial chain of Dongyue Group. In 2001, they invested in the first 3000 ton PTFE project independently developed in China, and have carried out technological transformation and production expansion every year since then. Up to now, the scale of the unit has reached an annual output of 42000 tons of monomers and 27000 tons of polymers

aiming at the world's most advanced technology, the group has undertaken key projects such as the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" science and technology support plan and the national torch plan, as well as a number of major provincial and municipal science and technology research projects. Its "federal" polytetrafluoroethylene resin was recognized as a famous brand product in Shandong, and PTFE won the gold medal of the third China patent high tech products Expo. Compared with similar products, Dongyue PTFE has the characteristics of less impurities, high cleanliness, concentrated relative molecular weight distribution, fine appearance and good whiteness of processed products. Dongyue PTFE can be used to process all kinds of raw material belts from low density to high density, as well as pipes and stretched films. The turning plate processed with Dongyue PTFE suspended medium particles has high strength and good chromaticity. It is the best raw material for turning plates in China. The fibers processed with Dongyue PTFE dispersion resin have the characteristics of good fiber forming property and less broken ends in the processing process, and are in a leading position in the domestic industry

the company has successively opened its car body and issued PTFE dispersion resin df-204 and PTFE modified dispersion resin df-2046 with a variety of mixed materials such as steel and aluminum. Among them, df-204 is widely used in the preparation of high-density membrane rods and tubes for medicine and the processing of long (short) fibers; Df-2046 can be used in the extrusion processing of capillary tubes, wires and cables. At the same time, recently, an enterprise focusing on the research and development of new copper alloy materials has made a breakthrough in this regard, constantly developing new technologies, and taking the lead in launching two environmental protection concepts of PFOA (ammonium perfluorooctanoate) free dispersed lotion: df-30 "1 can be repeatedly impregnated and sintered, which is mainly used for the production of repeatedly impregnated and sintered products of glass fiber varnishes; Df-302 is a large particle size PTFE dispersed lotion. Whether static load or dynamic load test, the average particle size is 1.2~2.0 times that of ordinary lotion products, and the coating coated at one time is thicker

Dongyue Group attaches great importance to product adaptability development according to customer needs, and has provided high-quality special supplies to more than 40 domestic and foreign enterprises so far. Its sales volume of specially supplied materials accounted for 27% of the total sales volume in 2010 and increased to 34% in the first half of 2011, which has been widely praised by users

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