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Independent innovation should be organically combined with intellectual property management

intellectual property is an important legal system to promote technological innovation, accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and improve economic competitiveness. With the rise of knowledge economy and the acceleration of economic globalization, the importance of intellectual property in international competition has been historically enhanced. Many countries have raised intellectual property from the original pure legal category to the macro level of national development strategy, and take strengthening intellectual property work as an important strategy to seize and maintain competitive advantage in the field of science and technology, which can provide pre-processing and post-processing functions perfectly

in the competitive game with high-tech as the main content and intellectual property rights as the right guarantee, if we want to seize the opportunity and win the initiative, we not only need to formulate the correct development strategy of scientific and technological innovation, speed up the formulation and implementation of the national intellectual property strategy, but also establish an effective mechanism to promote the organic combination of scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property management, and realize the benign interaction between independent innovation and intellectual property protection

in recent years, China's intellectual property legislation and law enforcement have been continuously strengthened and improved, and a legal environment for the protection of intellectual property rights has basically formed, which has played a positive role in promoting China's scientific and technological progress and technological innovation. In terms of independent innovation and intellectual property protection, many good practices, good models and good experiences have also emerged everywhere. However, the current situation of intellectual property rights in China also has many aspects that are incompatible with the development of the situation, including the lack of clear and powerful intellectual property policy guidance for innovation activities, the significant lack of intellectual property management and scientificity in various fields, the significantly low industrialization rate of independent intellectual property achievements, and the lack of sufficient attention paid by many scientific research institutions and enterprises to the importance of intellectual property, scientific research plans There is still a lack of intellectual property connotation in the management of innovative achievements. To sum up, these problems are highlighted in the following aspects: discharging the air in the pump (together with a little oil):

first, the understanding of the importance of intellectual property is relatively lagging behind. Although some research institutions and enterprises in China have begun to pay attention to the protection and management of intellectual property rights, and the number of patent applications has gradually increased, the performance of most enterprises and institutions is not satisfactory. They can truly understand the profound connotation of intellectual property rights from the perspective of economy and market, and are good at flexible application in practice. At present, there are not many people who lack sufficient understanding of the importance of protecting intellectual property rights, Nor do they master the necessary protective measures and knowledge, which is in sharp contrast to the practices of enterprises and scientific research institutions in developed countries

second, there is a lack of intellectual property analysis and research in innovation. At the same time of improving production efficiency, some major domestic technology or field development plans, research topics and micro research and development are lack of corresponding novelty search work and intellectual property status analysis. They are somewhat blind in choosing their own technological development route and clarifying "independent intellectual property rights", which on the one hand leads to repeated development and waste of resources, and on the other hand, it is easy to infringe others' intellectual property rights

third, the innovation achievements mainly rely on the financial investment of the government, while the R & D capacity of enterprises as the main body of technological innovation is weak and the investment is limited. Many scientific research institutions and colleges and universities only undertake science and technology projects and are not responsible for the application, protection and commercial transformation of achievements. The relationship between the rights and obligations of governments, units and individuals in the transformation of technological invention and innovation has not been fully straightened out. This is the main reason for the current annual output of plastic products for service invention in China, which has exceeded 21million tons, less profit applications, low patent technology content, and low conversion rate of intellectual property achievements

These problems not only affect the improvement of China's scientific and technological innovation ability, but also have become an obstacle to the development of China's high-tech and its industrialization. Therefore, we should take strengthening the protection and management of intellectual property rights as an important content and main indicator of planning independent innovation work, run through all links and aspects of innovation and development, clarify the ownership policy of technological innovation achievements and intellectual property rights, standardize the rights that scientific and technological personnel should enjoy in engaging in knowledge and technological innovation activities according to law, and reverse the tendency of emphasizing papers, valuing identification, neglecting patents and neglecting transformation, Before the appraisal or acceptance of the achievements, the scientific and technological achievements shall be required to submit an intellectual property analysis report and apply for intellectual property protection for the innovative achievements

to improve the ability of independent innovation and occupy a place in the high-tech field, we must pay full attention to the issue of intellectual property rights from a strategic height. At present, China is facing a severe situation in the international competition of intellectual property rights, which is mainly manifested in the small number of independent intellectual property rights, especially the lack of independent intellectual property rights of core technology. With the purpose of increasing the total amount of intellectual property in China and improving the quality of original intellectual property, giving full play to the important functions and roles of the intellectual property system in standardizing innovation management, regulating interest relations, encouraging and ensuring innovative inventions, and creating an intellectual property rule of law environment conducive to the output of independent intellectual property and the realization of industrialization, is a fundamental measure to enhance the national innovation ability and comprehensive competitiveness. (end)

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