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Independent nuclear power technology has created a national business card to achieve nuclear power "going global"

today, it is still as clean as a sea. The difference is that on this beach lies the Daya Bay nuclear power base, the world's largest pressurized water reactor nuclear power base. Six million kilowatt nuclear power units stand majestically, outlining the footprints of China's nuclear power starting from a high starting point and leapfrog development over the past 40 years of reform and opening up

since the country decided to introduce French technology to build large-scale nuclear power plants in China in 1978, China's nuclear power industry has started from a high starting point of Daya Bay nuclear power plant, embarked on an independent development path of "introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation", and created a national business card. The independent nuclear power technology "hualong-1" has realized the dream of "going out" of nuclear power. The 40 year development of Daya Bay nuclear power station has fully proved that there would be no Daya Bay nuclear power station without reform and opening up, and there would be no take-off of China's nuclear power industry without Daya Bay nuclear power station. The electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine is a high-precision instrument connected with light, machinery and electricity

"borrowing chicken to lay eggs" to achieve zero capital fission

innovation is the first driving force. Since the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, innovation has been gradually integrated into the development gene of the city. Daya Bay nuclear power station has been walking with the rise of the city since its birth

On December 4, 1978, Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the chief designer of reform and opening up, said when meeting with French Foreign Trade Minister Francois that China had decided to purchase equipment for two nuclear power plants from France. This is the first time that Comrade Deng Xiaoping proposed to introduce foreign advanced technology, equipment and funds to start the development of nuclear power in China in the early stage of reform and opening up

In December, 1982, the State Council approved the use of French nuclear power technology to build Daya Bay nuclear power station. The total investment of Daya Bay nuclear power station is as high as US $4billion, while the total import and export volume of China's foreign trade in 1978 was only US $20.64 billion, and the national foreign exchange reserve was only US $167 million

Chang Qineng, spokesman of Daya Bay nuclear power operation and management company, said that in order to solve the most troubled financial problems, Daya Bay nuclear power station is a joint venture with Hong Kong Zhonghua power, introducing French technology and international team cooperation. "At that time, many attempts of this project were groundbreaking. At that time, many people didn't even dare to borrow money. We borrowed money for construction and Sino foreign joint ventures, which were pioneering at that time."

Chang Qineng recalled that the Daya Bay nuclear power plant was among the first batch to explore the investment and financing mode of "borrowing construction, selling electricity, the growth of China's plastic machinery industry. 5. The experimental steps have ushered in the golden period of Komen's growth and rapid growth, repayment, and joint venture" - borrowing from European banks for construction, and selling electricity to Hong Kong for foreign exchange after completion. Under the situation of national financial difficulties at that time, this mode broke the previous mode that major projects in China were invested by the state. Some people liken this idea to the zero capital fission mode of "borrowing money to buy chickens, raising chickens to lay eggs, and selling eggs to repay". "This new model has created a precedent for modern enterprise systems such as Sino foreign joint ventures and corporate governance, and is a 'demonstration field' and window for China's nuclear power development."

On February 9, 1985, Guangdong nuclear power joint venture Co., Ltd. held its opening ceremony, which led to the birth of China's largest Sino foreign joint venture and the largest mixed ownership enterprise in the early stage of reform and opening up. On May 6th, 1994, after nearly seven years of construction, Daya Bay nuclear power station was completed and put into operation, achieving a breakthrough of zero for large-scale commercial nuclear power stations in mainland China. Through the construction of Daya Bay nuclear power station, China has created a new way to use foreign capital to build large-scale basic industrial projects

many attempts in the construction of Daya Bay nuclear power station are the first in the history of large-scale engineering construction in China. It is this time of collision and precipitation that sows the seeds of great changes in the development history of China's nuclear (4) post molding heat-treated products that are easy to remove residual stress

successfully counter attack to build a team of nuclear power talents

"jumping on the shoulders of giants" is a vivid metaphor for the development of Daya Bay nuclear power station more than a decade later. But it's not easy to stand on the shoulders of giants

Daya Bay nuclear power station not only introduces international advanced technology, but also introduces international advanced management system and experience. The builders have set the old aspiration of "courage to bow and strength to rise". In order to realize the safe and stable operation of nuclear power plants and continuously improve the performance of operation and management, they start from primary school students, learn from each operation specification, and learn from the most basic system

Daya Bay nuclear power station has attached great importance to talent training from the beginning of construction, and selected excellent talents from across the country to France and Britain for systematic training. As the training cost is as high as 1.3 million francs, they are known as "golden men" by the outside world

the title of "golden man" is a mission in the eyes of nuclear power people. We must be successful in learning before we can undertake the safe operation of Daya Bay nuclear power station and manage the first large-scale commercial nuclear power station in mainland China

according to pan Yinsheng, the representative of the "golden man" and the general manager of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operation Management Co., Ltd., the 115 "golden men" sent to the French nuclear power station for on-site training must first obtain the qualification certificate issued by the French nuclear power station before they can be used as the qualification certificate for working in the Daya Bay nuclear power station. "With a strong sense of mission and heart, everyone overcame all kinds of difficulties in life and language, kept a low profile, and humbly sought advice from foreign masters."

from being dispatched to the UK and France for on-site training and study at nuclear power stations in the past year, to the signing of a contract between China and the UK, and China will train a new generation of nuclear power engineers for the UK, China has achieved a counter attack in the training of nuclear power personnel

after 40 years of development, Daya Bay nuclear power base has established a perfect training system, which can carry out all-round training from main control room operators to refueling operators, maintenance technicians, and then to engineering construction talents and management talents. It has built the most complete training facilities in the domestic nuclear power industry with a total investment of 2billion yuan, and has become an important base for the training of nuclear power talents in China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and China

"there are only two nuclear fuel operator training centers in the world, one in France and the other in Daya Bay." Pan Yinsheng said proudly

what makes nuclear power people proud is that China has successfully realized the localization of nuclear power equipment and technology based on Daya Bay nuclear power station

when the construction of Daya Bay nuclear power station started in 1987, the import proportion was as high as 99%, and even bulk materials such as reinforcement and cement needed to be imported. On the basis of the successful construction of Daya Bay nuclear power station, nuclear power personnel have continuously improved the localization rate of China's nuclear power equipment and technology with reference to international standards and in accordance with the national policy of "supporting nuclear power with nuclear power and rolling development". From 1% of Daya Bay nuclear power station to 64% of the localization rate of Lingao Nuclear Power Station Phase II using its own brand nuclear power technology CPR1000, and then to 87.6% of Fangchenggang phase II of the "hualong-1" demonstration project, China's nuclear power equipment industry has also achieved localization, localization and industrialization in a counter attack manner

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