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Independent innovation: the key to the safe and efficient development of nuclear power

recently, at the China Green Power Industry Summit held during the China Energy Strategy Forum of the 14th science and Technology Expo, participating experts paid high attention to independent innovation in the field of nuclear power, believing that it is of great significance to the safe, healthy, orderly and sustainable development of nuclear power in China

how to start nuclear power in China? How to achieve the present achievements? How to get further development? The nuclear power stations in operation and under construction distributed in the eastern coast of China can be traced back to their history, and the answer can be quickly found. The introduction, digestion and absorption, and re innovation. The most critical innovation, in the eyes of people in the nuclear power industry, can minimize the harm of safety belts to people. It not only helps promote the development of nuclear power, but also ensures the safety of nuclear power. Its status is not only from nothing to wired, but also the key

only breakthroughs can lead to development.

from the introduction of French technology, Canadian technology, Russian technology, American technology to the formation of independent nuclear power brands, the road of introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation of nuclear power in China has gone through 30 years, and is still on the road

independent innovation is the driving force for the development of nuclear power in China. Tian Jiashu, deputy chief engineer of CNNC, said at the China Green Power Industry Summit held a few days ago

it is understood that as early as 1983, China defined the nuclear power technology route of the million kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant, and the second generation technology is the protagonist of China's nuclear power development in the past 30 years

since the introduction of French M310 nuclear power technology, Daya Bay nuclear power station has started from a high starting point and started the digestion, absorption and innovation of megawatt large-scale commercial nuclear power technology. Qinshan Phase I is the first nuclear power plant independently designed and built in China. Its completion and safe operation have ended the history of no nuclear power in Chinese Mainland. After that, China gradually mastered the design technology of the second-generation improved pressurized water reactor nuclear power and continued to achieve new autonomous improvements

according to Tian Jiashu, phase I of Ling'ao nuclear power plant has achieved 37 major autonomous improvements, and phase II of Ling'ao nuclear power plant has made 19 major technical improvements on the basis of phase I of Ling'ao nuclear power plant, realizing the autonomy of commercial nuclear power plants with million KW nuclear power units. As the first commercial nuclear power plant independently designed, built and operated in China, the expansion project of Qinshan Phase II has carried out more than 1000 technical improvements on the basis of the original Qinshan Phase II, of which 28 are major improvement projects

from the operating performance of the units put into operation, the overall performance has reached the medium and upper level of similar international nuclear power units in service. On this basis, China has achieved the replica design and engineering construction of more than 20 nuclear power units, including Hongyanhe Nuclear Power, Ningde nuclear power, Fuqing nuclear power, Yangjiang Nuclear Power and Fangjiashan nuclear power. Tian Jiashu introduced

after the second generation technology, under the guidance of the spirit of market for technology in 2007, the approval of the State Council increased by 2.8 times and 3 times year-on-year respectively, and the AP1000 pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology of Westinghouse was quasi introduced. At the same time, the state approved the use of Areva's EPR technology to build two 1.7 million KW pressurized water reactor units in Taishan, Guangdong. Both of the above are three generation technologies. In addition, substantial progress has been made in China's independently developed four generation nuclear power technologies, such as experimental fast reactor and high temperature gas cooled reactor

the independent brand is clearer.

only by continuously improving and improving the ability of localization can we create a real Chinese brand. Domestic nuclear power enterprises are working in this direction. A participating expert told

it is understood that at present, the cpr1000+ nuclear power technology of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and the cp1000 technology of China Nuclear Power Group have independent intellectual property rights. The large advanced pressurized water reactor cap1400, as a major national science and technology project, is the world's largest passive pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant developed by the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation on the basis of AP1000, which is also a Chinese brand

cpr1000+ is a technological achievement formed by continuous innovation and improvement on the basis of CPR1000 mature nuclear power technology and drawing on the new requirements of pressurized water reactor technology development. Huang Xueqing, chief engineer of CGNPC, said at the above-mentioned summit that at present, CGNPC is starting the research and development of acpr1000 advanced nuclear power technology with higher safety level and independent intellectual property rights, and strives to complete the research and development work in 2013

on April 29, 2010, CNNC Group owned cp1000 technology with independent intellectual property rights of million kilowatt nuclear power units, which passed the review of 42 domestic nuclear power authoritative experts. On the basis of the former French M310 nuclear power plant, cp1000 has implemented a total of 22 important improvements represented by the three major improvements of 177 core, single reactor arrangement and double containment, and the localization rate of main equipment can reach 80% - 85%. This means that China's million kilowatt nuclear power technology has the conditions for export. Ye Qizhen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, once said

at present, CNNC group is developing acp1000 and acp600 models with three generations of technical level, and has developed the technical scheme of acp100 multi-functional small modular reactor. It is believed that after engineering verification, equipment identification and safety evaluation, the maximum pneumatic force, yield strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, arbitrary point elongation strength, arbitrary point load extension Three technical solutions, such as elongation, will be put into the market in twoorthree years. Tian Jiashu revealed that CNNC will adhere to the application of the first generation (cp1000), research and development of the first generation (acp600, acp1000), and pre research of the first generation (supercritical water reactor, fast reactor)

as for the current progress of cap1400 technology, Tang Zide, member of the expert committee of the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, recently said that cap1400 nuclear power technology is currently in the preliminary design stage. In 2013, it is ready to pour the first tank of concrete, and it is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2017

it is learned that in addition to cpr1000+ and cp1000 nuclear cap1400, China advanced research reactor and China experimental fast reactor have successively achieved criticality in 2010, while the work of the high temperature gas cooled reactor demonstration project is progressing smoothly and is currently awaiting approval for commencement

innovation ensures nuclear power safety

the analysis of nuclear power accidents and the summary of experience and lessons after the U.S. Mile Island accident and Chernobyl accident, as well as the technical improvement carried out on this basis, show that technological innovation has always been the main line of the historical development of nuclear power. Huang Xueqing said that through technological innovation, the safety and economy of nuclear power have been continuously improved. It is foreseeable that technological innovation will continue to play a vital role in ensuring safety and efficiency in the future development of nuclear power. Without technological innovation, there will be no continuous improvement of nuclear safety, and the sustainable development of nuclear power is beyond discussion

Tian Jiashu also said that only by realizing the autonomy of nuclear power can we effectively ensure China's nuclear safety and energy security. Only by realizing and increasing autonomy can we provide safe and economical nuclear power products for the country and ensure the realization of low-carbon economy and sustainable development

it is understood that cpr1000+ nuclear power technology provides higher safety through a series of technical improvements on the basis of CPR1000, such as the use of pit water injection technology to prevent the reactor pressure vessel from melting through due to the core melting under serious accident conditions, maintain the integrity of the reactor coolant pressure boundary, and reduce the risk of a large amount of radioactive release. The double-layer containment of cp1000 is to build a new layer of containment outside the containment of ordinary nuclear power plants. The negative pressure design is adopted between the two containment. Even if radiation can pass through the first layer of containment, it cannot be discharged outside the second layer of containment. Cap1400 will be one of the most advanced nuclear power technologies in the world, with the characteristics of high safety, high power and good economy

at present, China's relevant parties are conducting a comparative analysis of China's nuclear power safety countermeasures, plant site conditions, the possibility of serious natural disasters and other aspects in combination with the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan. The preliminary opinion is that China's nuclear power reactor type has been gradually developed through a large number of optimization and improvement on the basis of the 1980s, and the measures in dealing with serious accidents are sufficiently rigorous The selection of nuclear power plant sites always follows the strictest standards. At present, the probability of strong earthquakes and severe tsunami in the coastal areas where nuclear power plants are in operation and under construction is very small. Therefore, on the whole, China's nuclear power has a good foundation and conditions in terms of safety assurance. Huang Xueqing said

with regard to the work to be done in technological innovation, Huang Xueqing stressed that the improvement of nuclear power safety level should be achieved through technological innovation on the basis of continuous improvement of the safety system, and investment must be increased to actively carry out research and verification in the research and development of new materials, new processes, new equipment, the application of new technologies, and the research and development of new reactor types

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