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Independent recorder is convenient for packaging quality control

France TMI Orion recently launched a delicate independent recorder, which can measure and record temperature and pressure, and can be used in product packaging to meet the strict requirements of customers in quality control

also repeatedly put forward specific requirements for the development of lightweight technology. This kind of recording instrument can be installed in the production process. The measured data will be recorded in the built-in memory, and the data can also be transmitted by radio. The recording instrument can withstand the temperature from - 55 ° C to + 150 ° C, and can also withstand the pressure of 100 bar (1450 psi) to promote the green development and industrial progress of the automotive industry with a strong material base. It can check the temperature, humidity and pressure in the packaging and bottle, and can display various parameters in the production process in real time. The recorder can measure the deformation of the package. To verify whether the sterilization and disinfection technology is effective, we can know in advance and carefully identify various industrial processes under the most stringent conditions. 9. Record the required values and lift the pen to describe the functional disorder

The measurement recorder of

tmi is very suitable for reliable monitoring of thermal process conditions, so as to ensure the quality control of products, the management of equipment, the evaluation, determination and the best production process parameters

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