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Independent innovation and balanced development - two difficulties that need to be solved urgently to improve the level of China's alumina equipment

since the early 1990s, with the rapid development of the aluminum industry at home and abroad, China's alumina industry has also experienced a fundamental transformation, entering a development stage of rapid technological progress and substantial increase in output. The overall equipment level of the domestic alumina industry has also been greatly improved. One of its remarkable signs is the successive application of a number of key large-scale equipment with international leading level, such as pipelined digestion devices, gaseous suspension roasters, large-area vertical disc filters, which have played a great role in supporting and promoting the rapid development of China's alumina industry

but looking at the development process of domestic alumina industrial equipment that can meet the oil demand of hydraulic system in recent years, we should also be very sober to realize that a large part of these key large-scale equipment that effectively improve the level of domestic alumina industrial equipment and have the international leading level are imported from abroad, although they were later digested, absorbed, improved and improved on the basis of these equipment, Some achievements with independent intellectual property rights have been made. However, the introduction cycle of equipment is obviously longer, the overall cost is significantly higher, and few technologies with completely independent intellectual property rights that are truly original and epoch-making have been achieved. At the same time, from the perspective of the demand for alumina production process, the overall development of equipment is still very uneven. The problems of process interruption, index fluctuation and cost rise caused by local equipment aging and backwardness are quite prominent. The existence of the above problems, to a certain extent, has affected and hindered the further improvement of the equipment level of the domestic alumina industry, and has had a very adverse impact on the sound and rapid development of China's alumina industry

first of all, let's take two sets of key large-scale equipment recognized by the industry in recent years, which marks the significant improvement of the equipment level of China's alumina industry?? Take the pipelined digestion device and gaseous suspension roaster as examples to briefly talk about independent innovation

the pipelined digestion device and the gaseous suspension roaster were introduced from abroad by Chinalco Henan Branch (the former Great Wall Aluminum Company of China) in the early 1990s. Among them, the pipelined digestion device was introduced from Lippe plant in Germany, and the gaseous suspension roaster was introduced from F? L Smith Company. Compared with the steam direct heating autoclave commonly used in the original digestion process, the pipelined digestion device adopts a small-diameter closed composite casing structure, so it is easier to achieve a high-temperature and high-pressure digestion environment. It has unique advantages over the latter in terms of economy and technology. At the initial stage of the introduction of this device, due to the great differences in chemical composition and mineral composition between domestic diaspore bauxite and foreign gibbsite bauxite, its practical application effect is not ideal. Later, after several years of unremitting research, Henan Branch successively solved thousands of problems affecting the safe, efficient and stable operation of the device, and finally made the diaspore pipelined digestion device reach the production standard and operate successfully, and played a prominent role as the "main force" in the process of greatly increasing production and reducing consumption in recent years

the change of aluminum hydroxide calcination from traditional rotary kiln to gaseous suspension calciner (or other fluidization calcination device) can also be regarded as a major change of epoch-making significance in the history of alumina industrial equipment. Due to its exquisite and advanced structural design, the gaseous suspension furnace has unique advantages in the utilization of heat energy, product quality, overall investment, operating costs, safety and environmental protection, and is beyond the reach of traditional rotary kilns. However, even such a device with relatively mature technology, from introduction and demonstration, construction to trial production and continuous improvement, has taken several years, and has consumed a lot of energy and time

from the above two examples, we can see that if domestic alumina enterprises and relevant scientific research institutions cannot make a big leap and breakthrough in independent innovation, and cannot keep up with the development trend of international alumina industrial equipment, and timely develop equipment products that are truly suitable for their own needs, the cost of excessively relying on foreign imports to improve their own equipment level is obviously very high. Moreover, this practice will also directly lead us to always be controlled by others and lag behind the trend: foreign pipelined devices have been successfully developed in the late 1960s and began large-scale production and application. We introduced them in the early 1990s and were officially used in the middle and late 1990s, which is basically 30 years behind! The application of gaseous suspension roaster also lags behind that of foreign countries for about 20 years. Therefore, how to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of domestic alumina production and scientific research institutions for independent innovation and continuously improve their comprehensive strength of independent innovation is a difficult problem that must be solved first to improve the equipment level of the current domestic alumina industry

the second is the problem of balanced development. At present, the equipment configuration of domestic alumina manufacturers, whether adopting Bayer process, sintering process or mixed process, generally includes the following categories: beneficiation, crushing, grinding, dissolution, filtration, sedimentation, decomposition, evaporation, firing, roasting, etc. Among the above types of equipment, the most rapid development and the best practical application effect in recent years are the pipelined digestion device of digestion process and the gaseous suspension roasting furnace of roasting process; Secondly, there are various types of vertical plate filters, flat plate filters and rubber belt filters of filtration process (including carbon filtration, seed filtration, finished product filtration, evaporation filtration, etc., excluding red mud filtration), large-diameter flat bottom sedimentation tank and deep cone high-efficiency sedimentation tank of sedimentation process, and multi effect tubular falling film of evaporation process?? Forced circulation evaporator, etc; The relatively backward development and prominent problems are some equipment of ore crushing, pulp grinding, clinker firing and red mud filtration process (beneficiation process is a new technology that has just been developed in recent years, and its equipment application is also in its infancy)

according to the principle of "more breaking and less grinding", ore crushing should be one of the most critical links in the whole alumina production process. But on the whole, many domestic alumina enterprises use the crushing lead screw equipment to test whether their products meet the national standards. They are still the efficiency crushers and cone crushers that have been used for decades, with low palates, high energy consumption, high noise and heavy pollution. Around 1998, a domestic equipment manufacturing company successfully developed an internal channel crusher with longer service life, which has low energy consumption, low vibration, less dust, high crushing ratio, and has also won international awards. But for some unknown reason, this kind of equipment has not been seen in a large area

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