Application of hottest laser diffraction in partic

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Application of laser diffraction in particle detection of liquid media

for manufacturers, product monitoring in the production process of process equipment is very important. The production process monitoring of process equipment also provides manufacturers with the following advantages: real-time detection data can be collected in time, and real-time detection data can be fed back to the main control system of process equipment in time. This is the best solution to compare the product quality of different production batches. At the same time, this real-time detection can also reduce the waste products in the production of process equipment, reduce the energy consumption of equipment, and extend the service life of equipment. In the production process of powdery raw materials, the method of quality monitoring has been used for a long time; In the process production process of liquid medium, such as suspended liquid products, emulsified liquid products and mud products, some LPS detection instruments also monitor the droplet particle size in real time

Application of laser diffraction

the working principle of LPS droplet size detection method is laser diffraction. The detected raw materials flow continuously through the detection area. The detected solid particles or droplets produce certain scattering fringes and diffraction fringes. The detection instrument detects and analyzes these stripes, and calculates the size of particles or droplets

when the particle concentration in the detected medium is high, the multi scattering method can be used for detection, so as to reduce the impact on the detection of average particle size. The influence of particle concentration in the medium is automatically corrected by the software in the detection system. Therefore, the system can realize the on-site detection of process equipment, and can detect medium particles with a concentration of 10000ppm. In many processes, the uniformity of particle size is an important process control parameter. Therefore, the real-time detection value of this detection system is closely related to time, which represents the function of particles changing with time. The detection and control software used in the system can classify and store these data by date, and transmit data to a higher-level control system

when the concentration of the detected particles reaches 10000ppm, the detection area of the instrument can also detect without problems. The laser diffractometer can be directly installed on a homogenization diluter or a part of the process equipment. If the viscosity of the tested emulsion or mud medium is large, certain processing skills are required to ensure accurate test results

in the detection of liquid medium particles, the detected raw materials continuously flow through the detection area

the particles or droplets of the tested solid (2) panel key function body will produce certain scattering and diffraction stripes

dilution scheme

when the viscosity of the tested medium is large, they must be diluted first before testing. An efficient dilution system should have repeatable dilution to ensure that the results of each dilution are the same; And the maintenance should be as little as possible. In order to achieve this goal, the following two schemes can be adopted:

- from the perspective of process technology, the problem can be better solved by adopting the design of data collection system with a/d card and computer working in parallel. If continuous detection is required, and the dilution ratio is less than 1:1000, the homogenization dilutor can be used. It integrates pumping, dilution and output functions

- if the concentration of medium is too high or the working pressure of process equipment is too high, it is impossible to adopt continuous sampling. At this time, another solution is needed: sampling with a rotary sampler. The purpose is to take out the test sample from the middle of the production process. In a continuous stirred mixing container, these test samples are diluted, stirred diluent is added, and finally tested. If further dilution is needed, homogenization dilution can be carried out again

Insitec LPS liquid medium particle detector continuously and in real time detects the particle and droplet size of products in the production process of process equipment,

for example, it detects the particle and droplet size of suspended solids liquid products, emulsified liquid products and mud products

reliable repetition accuracy

in the above sampling methods, users are worried about whether each sampling is the same and what the repetition accuracy of each sampling is. Therefore, the dilution system must be able to prove that the data of each particle detection is stable. Many tests on diluted mud have also proved that the dilution degree has no effect on the detection value of particle size, which means that the dilution process can achieve high repetition accuracy

liquid medium particle detector is designed for continuous real-time detection. Each component of the system can be configured according to the actual process equipment

modular structure improves the flexibility of instrument manufacturing

malvern LPS liquid medium particle detector is a continuous and liquid particle detector. Every part of it: the actual action of the local government will determine the success or failure of the capacity reduction work. The sampler, primary diluter, homogenization diluter, detector and control software can be configured separately according to the specific production process

the sampler of LPS liquid medium particle detector takes a medium with a length of 2.5mm from the process equipment pipeline every time as a test sample. The flow of liquid medium will not be interrupted during the sampling process, so the blockage of pipeline flow can be avoided. When necessary, for example, when the pressure in the process equipment pipeline is very high, a special interface can be used for sampling. Its primary diluter and homogenization diluter work together to prepare the best test samples for the detection of liquid medium particles. These parts have only a small moving distance, can be cleaned automatically, and can ensure the use of a minimum of thinner

the core component of the system is Insitec particle analyzer, which has the advantages of laser diffraction technology, no calibration and calibration, and less maintenance. This detection system has wear-resistant and self-cleaning detection. When it is found to be loose, the observation window should be re tensioned. With the help of compressed air, condensate can be avoided on the observation window

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