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China's autonomous automatic transmission industry needs to be driven by interests

China's autonomous automatic transmission industry needs to be driven by interests

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Guide: on July 20, the key weak links in China's automotive industry chain and the field with the most development potential, the domestic and foreign elites of the automatic transmission industry gathered in Chongqing and participated in the event hosted by Beijing beichi Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Landai Power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd, Chongqing University, Chongqing University of Technology Co organized

on July 20, domestic and foreign elites from the key weak link in China's automotive industry chain and the field with the most development potential - the automatic transmission industry gathered in Chongqing, and participated in the event organized by Beijing beichi Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Landai Power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd., CO organized by Chongqing University and Chongqing University of technology, Beijing University of technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics "2012 International Symposium on the industrialization of automatic transmissions in China" with technical support from China Automotive Engineering Research Institute

as a highly professional national conference of China gear industry alliance, this seminar was held under the background that China's automotive industry is hovering at a high level and the independent brand auto transmission is in the primary stage of industrialization development. The participants offered suggestions for the Chinese people's own automatic transmission industrialization from different angles, and exchanged and discussed for the future development of China's automatic transmission industry

clear direction of industrialization

in terms of the importance of automobile assemblies, in recent years, the application of plastic machinery, which is centered on a new generation of engines in China, has not been paid enough attention in our ordinary days. After years of R & D and production in full swing, due to the continuous improvement of the requirements of policies and markets for fuel economy and the requirements of consumers for automobile comfort and handling safety, Automatic transmission technology has also developed from the gestation period of industrialization characterized by R & D and trial production for many years to the moment when it is about to be fully launched and blossomed

different from the engine as the "heart" of automobile, the engine is continuously improved on the basis of the existing industry, and the global output has exceeded 1.5 million tons and increased. However, there is almost no industrialization foundation for automatic transmission in China. Except for some mechanical components of AMT and DCT, which are relatively related to manual transmission, many other core technologies and key parts are basically blank. On the basis of decades of industrialization of others, especially in the market environment where most of the vehicles it carries have their own uses, it is conceivable that it is difficult for independent brand automatic transmissions to squeeze into a market space

it can be seen from the relevant national industrial policies in recent years that automatic transmission is an industrial project that the country should focus on at present and for a long time to come. For example, in October, 2010, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the implementation plan for the revitalization of the mechanical basic parts industry, which pointed out that the key tasks of the implementation plan for the revitalization of the industry are the automotive energy-saving automatic transmission and its key components supporting high-end cars and heavy-duty trucks; In the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of China's gear industry and the investment direction for technological progress and technological transformation of the automotive industry (2010), it is also clearly pointed out that the automatic transmission assembly and its key parts that meet the requirements of energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy vehicles, as well as the electric drive transmission system, the special power coupling and transmission device for hybrid electric vehicles, are the focus of the future development and investment of automotive and gear related industries. In the development plan for energy saving and new energy vehicle industry (2012-2020), which was reviewed and approved by the State Council in April this year, the application of new products and technologies, including automotive automatic transmissions, will also be included in the plan

During the seminar, Li Shengqi, Secretary General of China gear Association, learned that although independent automatic transmission manufacturers face various difficulties in their development, the direction of industrial development is clear, which is consistent with the requirements of relevant national industrial policies. In the future, the construction of common technology platforms and the mutually beneficial development between upstream and downstream enterprises of the independent brand industrial chain are the key to the industrialization of automatic transmission in China

there are still opportunities for independent technology

in 1908, the planetary gear type 2-speed semi-automatic transmission developed by Ford Motor Company was born in the world. By 1960, Chrysler completed the true hydraulic torque converter type 3-speed full-automatic transmission. In the broad picture of the development of automatic transmission technology, after more than 100 years of development history, with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for vehicle comfort, energy saving and safety, the current four major technical schools formed by at, CVT, DCT and AMT are also constantly undergoing new technological evolution driven by continuous innovation. Professor xuxiangyang, deputy dean of the school of transportation science and engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, introduced at the seminar that ZF 9at products representing the latest at level, jatco cvt8 products representing the latest CVT level, and FEV's newly developed 10 gear DCT products with dual clutch interconnection are all moving towards the direction of increasing the number of gears, increasing the range of transmission ratios, and continuously optimizing functions

at this symposium, two new power transmission schemes representing Chinese power -- the new hybrid power transmission device of Tianjin Sino German transmission and the mechanical continuously variable transmission (em-cvt) of Shenyang yueshida attracted the general attention of the participants. Although the latest foreign technology has almost achieved the acme of multi speed, energy saving and comfort, the Chinese have found the key point of technological breakthrough in the gap between several technical schools. One of them applies five corresponding driving modes to adapt to various operating conditions of hybrid buses, and the other uses the mechanical form that the Chinese are good at to replace the traditional CVT Hydraulic mode, Thus, the application of automatic transmission in the field of energy-saving and new energy vehicles is materialized

in addition to the above two new transmission system schemes and technologies, which contain unidirectional or non unidirectional reinforcement technology, it is found that some manufacturing and application technologies involving key parts, such as the manufacturing process and equipment of automatic transmission planetary row, the manufacturing of automatic transmission hydraulic actuator, the precision forming process of automatic transmission parts, and the research on transmission oil technology, are discussed in this seminar. In addition, the rack type continuously variable transmission technology and the movable tooth continuously variable transmission technology, which have been well-known in the industry, included in the anthology of this seminar, can be said to represent the embodiment of independent technology in the field of automatic transmission. If we take time and find appropriate financial support, the gradually mature autonomous automatic transmission technology should also make a difference on the road of industrialization

Chinese people should dare to do calibration by themselves

in this seminar, it was found that due to the limited practice of new technology of autonomous transmission, there was not much talk about the test technology in previous seminars. This time, it was not only mentioned many times, but also placed in a very important position

the collection and research of load spectrum with Chinese road characteristics and the establishment of simulated load spectrum are the basis of key common technologies that many people in the industry have been calling for. Professor shixiaohui, President of Chongqing University of technology, has done a lot of work for domestic independent brand manufacturers in many test and detection fields, such as automatic transmission road simulation test, control mechanism test, clutch test, NVH test, through their efforts in the field of automatic transmission test and detection technology in recent years. The multi-function test bench of automobile transmission system, automobile hybrid matching test bench, DCT comprehensive performance test bench, AMT special test bench, NVH test bench, clutch performance test bench, etc. they have also played a role in the research and application of domestic manufacturers and several universities, such as Chery Automobile, Chang'an Automobile, Chongqing Qingshan transmission, Hubei Jiangshan transmission, etc

lixuelong, the vice president of the Automobile Research Institute of Lifan Group, even more from his practice of matching and calibrating domestic CVT with Lifan automobile, issued the voice of "if you can't be independent on the calibration issue, you still have to be controlled in the development of automatic transmission"

this practical engineer who claimed to be "a little educated auto repairman and auto driver" participated in the development, calibration and matching of Lifan CVT models throughout the process. The "critical speed calibration method" summarized by Li Xuelong through personal practice is to use the critical speed point of the whole vehicle system of the whole vehicle, engine and transmission under each working condition to calibrate the corresponding overall dynamic performance and economic operation mode of the vehicle in the area composed of the maximum transmission ratio and the minimum transmission ratio. His calibration method is theoretically similar to the principle of brake dissipation power used by Professor Song Jian of Tsinghua University for AMT calibration

although the calibration theory is not necessarily rigorous, and the calibration method does not necessarily consider all kinds of working conditions, as a simple and fast practical calibration method, the same powertrain platform can be applied to another completely different vehicle model within a few minutes. Compared with the asking price of large foreign companies that "it takes 5 vehicles, 1 million euros and 18 months to calibrate a vehicle model", It can be said that the two most important problems of Chinese confidence in automatic transmission calibration and cost have been solved first

industrialization requires the pursuit and coordination of the interests of all parties.

automatic transmission has always been a must for strategists in the automotive industry. Many experts at the meeting said that it is expected that the situation of independent brand automatic transmission will be greatly improved in the next five years, and the domestic automatic transmission industry will form a considerable scale by 2015. Lu Chao, vice president of China gear industry alliance, said that in the next five years, China's auto automatic transmission will enter the golden period of rapid growth with an average annual growth rate of 38%. By 2015, the annual demand will reach 12million vehicles, and the proportion of automatic transmission will increase from the current 38% to more than 46%. The remarkable characteristics of China's automobile market entering the rational adjustment period are large base, small growth rate, mature market and reasonable structure. These characteristics determine that the competition in China's automobile market in the future will inevitably be the localization and international competition of brand and core technology, and automatic transmission will be one of the most intense focuses in this round of competition

in the face of the fact that China's auto transmission imports still account for a considerable number, Volkswagen, general motors and other complete vehicle enterprises, as well as transmission enterprises such as Aisin, Gatco and bunch, control the real process of the domestic industry and are still expanding continuously, how a small number of independent brand auto transmission manufacturers survive and grow in the most critical market introduction period of industrialization does not just depend on the construction of key common technology platforms The alliance of manufacturers, or even some administrative instructions, can be solved immediately. The success of industrialization requires the investment of real money and real user relations, which is extremely important not only for the independent brand automatic transmission manufacturers themselves, but also for their OEMs users and major suppliers

in fact, whether it is to develop new transmission with unique structure in another way, or to industrialize according to existing technology or imported technology, what China's gear and transmission industry needs is steady work and sincere industrial chain mutual benefit and mutual assistance

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