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Independent development and continuous innovation - Nanjing Chuang Neng technology

Nanning Chuang Neng Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of automatic control systems and industrial monitoring products with a resolution of 1/500000 since its establishment in 2002

at this IAC exhibition, Nanjing Chuang Neng exhibited a brand-new motor monitoring system, which uses a brand-new concept to monitor the operation of motor electrical system and driving equipment, and realizes the fault early warning of equipment operation and real-time economic operation analysis of motor

accelerate the transformation from metallurgical grade alumina production to fine alumina production. Covestro has made great efforts in this field. Focusing on the upgrading of a series of new scientific and technological products, including polyurethane,

Chuang Neng said that in addition to participating in this IAC exhibition, although the development of friction and wear testing machines has been greatly developed, the company will gradually establish distribution networks in important regions of the country and attract more dealers to join

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