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India officially requires rim, Skype and Google to disclose communication data

on July 5, according to the economic times of India, the Indian Ministry of telecommunications has issued a notice to rim, Skype and Google according to the requirements of the Indian government, requiring the above three enterprises to disclose all corporate emails and other communication data to the Indian government

the notice also requires that each enterprise must change the format of the data according to the requirements of the Indian security and intelligence department to facilitate reading and analysis. The above three enterprises have 15 days to complete the above work respectively. Once an enterprise fails to submit the data in time according to the government's requirements, it will face the punishment of being prohibited from entering the Indian market

this decision of the Indian government has gradually exposed the contradiction between rim and India over the latter's access to rim's exclusive BlackBerry Internet service (BIS) and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) data. In addition, the Indian government also plans to extend this practice to more network service providers to reduce transportation demand

so far, rim, Skype and Google have all commented on the above events. Sadie

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