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The transfer of 48% state-owned equity of Beiren Printing was approved by the State Council

Beiren Printing (00187) announced that the company received a notice from Beijing Jingcheng electromechanical Holdings Co., Ltd. on September 6 that the free transfer of state-owned equity has been approved by the SASAC on the relevant issues concerning the free transfer of shares held by state-owned shareholders of Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd, The main content is to agree to transfer 201.62 million A-share shares held by beiren group to Beijing capital holdings for free, and after the completion of this free transfer of shares, the total share capital of the company will remain unchanged, of which Beijing Capital Holdings holds 201.62 million shares, accounting for 47.78% of the total share capital

on June 16 this year, Beiren Printing holding stock northeast people group signed the agreement on free transfer of state-owned equity between Beijing Jingcheng electromechanical control Kirkby added that the market value of global functional composite materials will increase to US $43.35 billion in the next five years with beiren group company, the actual controller of the company

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