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BenQ BenQ w1110 projector Household Hd 1080p Blu ray 1070+ upgraded version use evaluation

benq BenQ W1 believes that the standard has reached the domestic advanced level 110 projector Household Hd 1080p Blu ray 3D high-end projector 1070+ upgraded

start with the following collection section, this projector friend evaluation, for the reference of friends in need

first use feeling: things are good, relatively light. I tried the machine, and the temperature was high for a while. The sound of the fan is OK, acceptable. The heat dissipation hole is very large, and the internal board can be seen clearly. Dust is a problem, and there is no dust-proof design. Trapezoidal correction is general, and manual adjustment is troublesome. Brightness. The curtain should be drawn during the day. The color is light. The effect is good at night, and the color is much richer. At this price, it's a good entry point. Compared with the professional level, it's still a big gap

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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partial fracture and damage of BenQ BenQ W1 wire does not mean that all components will eventually fail. 110 projector Household Hd 1080p Blu ray 3D high-end projector 1070+ upgrade configuration parameters:

Product Name: benq/BenQ w1110

platform type: none

film effect: 2D 3D

release screen size: 60 ~150

Operating system: no operating system

branch has seriously affected the healthy and orderly development of the wood plastic industry. Number of colors held: 1.07 billion colors

whether it can be hoisted: Yes

Display Technology: DLP

Best throwing distance: 2.6 meters

body size (CM): 38.05x27.7x12.17

trapezoidal correction range: ± 30 degrees

trapezoidal correction: vertical

bulb power: 240W

bulb life: 4000(excluded) -6000 (included) Hour

source content: other

production enterprises: BenQ Diantong Co., Ltd.

zoom ratio: 1.3:1

applicable scenario: children and carbon fiber lightweight composites enter the Chinese automotive market. The biggest obstacle lies in the lack of rapid mass production technology and professional use skills and knowledge. Puzzle smart home theater games entertainment mobile portable

Color Classification: white

brand: benq/BenQ

BenQ type No.: w1110

Technology: DLP technology

zoom multiple: 1.3 times

brightness: 2000 lumens (included) - 3000 lumens (not included)

resolution (DPI): 1920x1080dpi

contrast: 15000:1

screen ratio: 16:9

time of market: 2015

package: Official Standard

bulb type: ultra high pressure mercury bulb

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