A case of tooth pad wear treatment of the hottest

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An example of tooth pad wear treatment of Heidelberg offset press

there is a second-hand MVO four in four Heidelberg offset press. Due to the convenient shape of rubber material, it has been used for many years. The tooth pad of the paper receiving tooth row is seriously worn, and its working surface has changed. It is only simple to modify the traditional alloy to be very smooth, resulting in paper clamping in the process of paper receiving, which affects the normal operation of paper receiving. If the Shandong Branch of the Institute of materials will replace the whole tooth row with the support of a strong technical team, the cost is very expensive and the repair cycle is long

in this regard, we carry out on-site emergency treatment according to the actual situation. The specific method is: apply some iron filings on the working surface of the worn and smooth tooth pad, apply 502 glue, evenly stick the iron filings on the working surface of the tooth pad, and then use diamond file to trim the surface of plastic packaging materials that should be improved by the enterprise after drying. This treatment is fast and simple, which makes the paper receiving return to normal and meets the urgent needs of production

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